Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Recap

LDs, I'd like to try blogging once a week. I do feel like I'm neglecting you (and myself) by not trying hard enough.

So here are snippets:

~~ Mum's 52nd birthday was today. Oma made dinner and we all had a good time. Happy birthday, Mum!

~~ Oma's dog Biscuit died Friday morning. She misses her something fierce. She was older than 10, but they really don't know because my aunt basically stole her from a home that was neglecting her - middle of winter with no food and water or shelter kind of abuse. That dog was spoiled rotten, and we'll all miss her, but Oma's hurting pretty badly. :( Send her love, if you would. Mr and I bought her a husky figurine, and it made her cry, but it's now on the table next to her spot on the couch.

~~ I'm almost finished with the jewelry for the Mr's sister's wedding at the end of August. However, I do still have to make the flowers, order candles, and make a tutu for the flower girl. Send me some energy, yos!

~~ I'm completely addicted to Pinterest. Facking shit...stupid iPhone app doesn't work all the time. :P

~~ I'm taking the advice of something I read: if you're cleaning out your house, and you need to get rid of something, but you don't want to because of sentimental reasons, take photographs (or pics, whatever you prefer *wink*) and write something about it. Even ten discs of pictures is going to take up WAY less space than the crap itself. I have to take my numbers off my letter jacket from high school, and then that wool coat is going in the yard sale for $10; t-shirts are getting cut up to be used in a light quilt; other stuff's getting sold or donated. My niece had never seen paper dolls, so I gave her the set that I had. How cool of an auntie am I?

~~ The Mr and I want to start a creative business, so if you want to check it out on the Book of Face, it's Two Hearts Creations. I run it, and imma start posting pictures of the stuff I make on it; see if anyone will bite. :)

~~ Had a fab time last week in Texas with one of my besties Lynsey. I love jewelry!

So, how was your week, all?

the Ms D

PS - if you wanna be on the Stalked Minions list, let me know! I'm working on getting my own header and some buttons to follow me on email, twitter, facebook, etc. :)

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