Monday, July 4, 2011


Hi LDs. How are you on this fine Monday, July 4th - America's Independence Day?

I'm doing well, considering.

See, my mum's husband died last Sunday evening. He'd been in hospital for the last three weeks or so - liver was functioning at 10%, kidneys were shutting down, and he was retaining too many fluids. Alcoholism will do that to a person. They took him off of the ventilator and the sedation Sunday evening, and he was gone within an hour. Hubs and I took a few days bereavement leave and were up there with her, helping her stay busy. There was a family-only viewing Friday evening, and he was being cremated directly afterward so that his sisters could have some of his ashes when they left Saturday. Saturday afternoon/evening, all of his friends got together and had a party in my mum's front yard.

For a bunch of drunks, they kept the yard pretty damn clean - they were actually using the trash and recycling bins! Bill (next door neighbor) smoked up some pork shoulder, Whiskey John made a hella-good potato salad and pasta salad (even gave me the recipe), I supplied the dessert (pudding delight, bitches).

Some of those guys, for all their attitude and anger and loud personalities, actually cried when they saw George's box of ashes. Sobbing old men are the worst. There was more than once that beer tributes were given.

As much as he annoyed my mother and drove her up the wall, he would do anything for anyone. And it breaks my heart to see my mum so lost. I mostly didn't like him - he made an ass out of himself (and in turn, mum) at my wedding reception; he was lazy and didn't work; and he was an alcoholic (which is what ultimately killed him) - however, in some ways, he made my mum happy.

And that's all I really cared about. We're getting her a cremation necklace for her birthday in a few weeks. It's a dragon and really cool. She picked it out, and it suits both her and George well.

I think I'll actually miss you, ya dickhead. Give the Devil some hell for me, will ya?

Be safe out there, LDs.

Ms D

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