Monday, April 22, 2013

Updates for You!

Dreamers, lemme hit you with some updates here!

Mr Realist got a job!! He's the new Director of Document Retention at a bank near us :)
The nice part is, he was doing it at the bank he worked at before he went to the dealership, so it's all stuff he knows how to do! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the prayers and good thoughts that you sent our way. Now, to get on with being able to purchase needs -- new stove, new living room furniture.

Mr Realist surprised me with some information on Friday night. We've got an extra paycheck coming in May, and he said that he's going to make it up to me for keeping him on track and mostly out of his depression for the three months that he was unemployed. Now, do I want a pretty necklace or earrings? :) In my defense, he did say he was taking me to a jewelry store.

We're rearranging the house. Not just the stuff inside the rooms, but the rooms themselves. See, when you were to walk into my house, you were in the living room. From there, you could walk into the kitchen; left to the bathroom and the spare room; and keep on straight to the master bedroom.
Well, the spare room is now our bedroom (just big enough for our bed and two dressers); what was the living room is now the front room of crafts/storage/deep freeze; and what was the master bedroom is now the living room -- it's the biggest room in the house. 
Now...what do do with all my crap! I've taken almost 10 boxes to Salvation Army, and five bags of trash out (papers, misc stuff). I'm slowly organizing my crafts, and we're building a sewing table for me as well. Poor JB -- gonna have to deal with Mum's sewing noise. :)

How's your days been, Dreamers?

Ms D

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