Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Last Day

It's my last day of being super sedentary, LDs. Tomorrow, I begin the transformation.

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW it's not going to happen overnight, cause that would be weird.

It's going to take some hard work and some great friends cheering me on via here or facebook or tumblr or twitter or whatevs.

I'm going to be responsible for myself, because no matter how hard I try to be comfortable in my own skin, I'm not. Especially when my best friends and I take a picture, and it looks like I've eaten a VW Bus that's taking up residence in my ass.

No more.

I'm tired of defending myself to my family, mostly. I'm tired of not being able to run because my knees are horrible.

I'm tired of being fat.

Ms D


  1. You go girl!

    Have you seen those links on pinterest for the flavoured waters? I've been drinking the apple cinnamon water (just cut up an apple, and throw in a cinnamon stick, let steep in 2L of water overnight) and it's actually given me a good kickstart on weightloss. It kind of acts as a bit of a cleanse. I think I'm going to do it every other week.

  2. I hadn't seen those (or I pinned them and promptly forgot about them *blush*)--I'll definitely have to try that one. The cucumber/lemon/mint one I could only get down about three days in a row. I think I'd be more apt to drink the sweet one. :)

    You're lovely, Mrs G!


Be safe out there.