Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know I'm horrible when it comes to blogging. Doing these almost makes it seem like I'm apologising to myself and not to you.

But I do apologise to you - there are some of you who follow via email, and a couple that really look forward to the totally sporadic posts that I do (love you guys!)

So, my goal is to write more, and to comment more on the blogs that I love and read and follow and omg whatevs! Sorry - channelled my inner Valley Girl from Friday night!

Side note: I. Love. Fall!!

And you guys.

And stuffs.

And Pinterest.

And All Hallows'.

And hot cocoa first thing in the morning, liberally laced with strong coffee.

And Camp (yay M/D Weekend in two weeks!).

And... wow.

Steph Dreamer

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