Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 Days of Self-Acceptance: Day...Loads

*** Guy readers: if you're squeamish about bodily functions or periods, you might want to stop reading. Now. ***

Most of these days are things that I do on a daily basis: look a fool, waste time, sweat, make a mistake, ask for help.

But there are some that will take some longer looks.

Like "Share a health struggle." Next week, when I go to the doctors, I'm going to have her set up a thyroid test for me. Watching what I eat isn't helping; neither is consuming practically my weight in water or working out more than I was doing before.

"Spend money on a non-necessity or share a financial struggle." Really? Think that's just about everyone. I spend money frivolously, and we have 3.5 more years to go on our bankruptcy.

"Share details about a bodily function or fluid." Really? I accept the fact that having a more than a cup of coffee or eating anything greasy means that in 20 minutes or so I'll be headed for the bathroom to poo; or I just wish that I could be "old enough" to let them take out my uterus because I don't want kids and my Auntie every month causes me to have to wear both a super tampon and a pad (normally within four hours, when I stand up, I can feel lining shifting and exiting the ol' vag. Sorry, but that's what happens).

"Talk about sex." What the hell do you want to know? I like sex when I can get into it (see previous post about the weight thing), I have a couple of favorite positions, and I am L.O.U.D. when I get into it--hope I haven't offended our superreligious neighbours.

"Set a boundary." Pretty much anything goes. Just ask. :) If I don't feel like answering, I won't.

"Discuss a failure." I fail pretty much every day at random things. I have failed at finishing any of my romance novels that I am writing.

There are a few that I am going to write individual posts about, and these might lose me followers--Express a strong feeling and Air one of your secrets are the two biggies.

So beware. I'm working them out on paper right now.

Steph...Ms Dreamer

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