Sunday, October 4, 2009

of Ondessonk...

Units - where the kids stay during Summer Camp. Names, unit color and type of unit. I inadvertantly forgot one... Daniel would have been first, but I got sidetracked by hiking and the rain.

Brebeuf - royal blue; cabins. They're right next to Amantacha Bridge. I was here for a week when I was a counselor.

Tekakwitha - light blue; lodge. Only campers unit with four walls and screens and a door. Was here most of two summers as a counselor.

Raganeau - turquoise; treehouse

Amantacha - fuschia; treehouse

Garnier (pronounced like the hair-care products...wonder if the creator had anything to do with camp...hmmm) - sometimes kelly green, sometimes dark green; treehouse. They're right off of the Spillway.

Lalemant - orange; treehouse (Orange Crush). Three summer weeks as a camper with Colleen (woo hoo!).

Lakeside. Cabins.

Chabanel - yellow; cave (Captain Cavewomen). Took a strong girl to sleep in a cave unit with bats and bugs. :) Spent a week here as well as a counselor.

Goupil - purple; treehouse. Rumor has it that there's 10,000 steps to get to the top of Goupil (it's only like 67 or 70...I counted).

LaLande - red; treehouse.

Next up...scenery!

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