Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Stuff

It's getting late, and blog ideas have sprung to mind (figures):

4th Annual Schofield Halloween Party & Bonfire - mondo success; more later.

Packratisim & Its Effects On A Four-Room House with 3/4 Basement - he he he

Books - I think I want to list what I have. Wonder how big a spreadsheet file can go...hmmm.

Work and Vacation - off this past week, work this week, off next week :)

Blogs that I read - why do I not comment when something strikes me as amusing/harsh/thought-provoking? Everyone else does....

A Twelve-Step Program - should I do it? Might only make it the first couple of steps.

'And I ra-a-an...I ran so far a-wa-a-ay.'

~Mrs. Dreamer

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