Friday, September 25, 2009

This Sucks...

***Warning: the F-bomb will probably be liberally used in this post. If this offends you, I am sorry.***

You know, I fucked around WAAAY too much in college. I was away from family and friends I felt comfortable with, and I fucked around and screwed up the entire rest of my life. I'm miserable.

I should clarify. I'm miserable with my job. I'm partially thankful that I do still have a job. Hear me out:

We're all required to take ten days of furlough (unpaid vacation) by the end of October. Great. Fine. Wonderful.

I've been off all this week, fully intending to get some stuff done around this house. I've done none of it. Spare room still looks like we let a pack of hyperactive racoons in and shut the door. Nothing has been moved around or gone through or even looked at since I got back from Camp on Sunday (note: we spent the whole weekend at Camp Ondessonk, and God help me, I miss Southern Illinois). I had a Pampered Chef show on Wednesday evening, and we went out for our 4th anniversary on Thursday night (I love you, Mr. Realist. More than you know).

I'm going to backtrack just a smidge. I've been on high blood pressure medication for about the last six years or so. I'm a bit (yeah...shut up... a LOT) chunky around the midsection, and I'm quite sedentary (triple word score) if I don't have anything better (than playing on Facebook or reading or writing - which I'm not doing much of, or going through Pampered Chef stuff) to do. I'm on some serious drugs for it so that I don't have a stroke (which she was quite worried about). I don't like to work out alone. I could walk, but then I have Mr. Realist at home going 'when's dinner?' or 'thought we were going to do X?'
It seems like I have a hint of the insomnia. I don't go to sleep before midnight, so getting up at the God-awful hour of 5am to walk or run or any other thing that would be good for me, is an unhealthy option (I'm a dragonbitch when I don't get enough sleep). It seems like I have way too much to do of an evening (you're welcome, Jen) that I can't get it in then. Doesn't help that even before I was overly plump, I sweat like a horse that just ran the Derby, so lunch hour workouts is a negative.

Anyway, I told you that to tell you this: I take my meds once (should be twice) a day for my HBP (no, not Half-Blood Prince - High Blood Pressure). Since Saturday (when I started this week's furlough), I have taken them a grand total of three times. I haven't had chest pain or pressure, my pulse has been pretty steady, and I haven't had a headache at all. What the fuck does that tell you about my job? Obviously that it's harmful to my health!

Maybe when things work out on our end in the next three months or so, I'll go up, take the test to be a substitute teacher, and quit my uber-stressful job. Mr. Realist is just going to have to look and see how much it's going to cost to put me on his insurance, because it'll definitely be cheaper than to get it ourselves.

Any other ideas?

Mrs. Dreamer

PS - Soon's as I get the pics downloaded from Camp, I'll post them on FB and here so you can get a look at them.

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