Monday, August 3, 2009

A Day...

You know, I'm really trying to keep things updated here. It's not working very well, is it? My apologies.

Got to see Tom's niece on Saturday. She's cute, and when she cries, she sounds like a baby bird. But...there was no heartfelt emotion. Here's what I mean.

Jen had her third (Skylar) on Wednesday, July 15th. I went up and saw her on the 16th, still in hospital (she was born via C-section), and was instantly in love with that little girl. Even made me tear up a bit while I was holding her. I'm terrified, but ready.

We've been trying trying for eleven months, haven't used any form of prevention since last June or so. We thought we might have been in March, but alas, no. Every month since then, when the bitch arrives (and you ladies know who I'm referring to), it hurts. I cry a bit, get a little snarky with people, take a deep breath, and go back to the drawing board the next week. Please don't tell me "it'll happen when it happens" or "stop thinking about it and you'll get pregnant." You don't know that. Mr. Realist thinks it might be him (since he's taken several shots to the boys - not just your accidental kick horsing around, but an accidental sledgehammer shot), but of course the doctors won't do anything about it until we've been trying for at least a year. Anyone know of any questions I should be asking at my yearly at the end of August?

Anyhoo...when I hold Skylar, I can't wait to be able to hold one of my own (even though I'm scared shitless about it!). That feeling was not there when I held Aubree. It might be some of the external circumstances.

Erika is pushing everyone in her family away, including her 'Bubba' (Mr. Realist) - 'I'm just looking out for my daughter!' We're wondering what kind of deal she made with babydaddy to get him to sign the birth certificate. He wasn't going to, and his mother advised him NOT to sign it!! Fine. Let the little asshole go to Ohio to truck driving school (that he could do in Springfield through LLCC) for six months, let him cheat on you and bring you home a wonderful VD, and wonder where all of your friends and family have gone because you continued to push them away, even while he was gone. *sigh*

Going to start my 'Couch to 5K' in 9 weeks jogging schedule tonight. If you're interested, my friend Carrie found it at, and she loves it. On week three, and is finding she can run after all! I need a watch with a timer on it now.

Bear with me - I'll try to keep posting.

Heepwah, and be safe out there.
Mrs. Dreamer

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