Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion Friday?

I've been taking pictures of my outfits this week (since Wednesday, at least) to show you my style. I definitely don't follow fashion, and I wear what I like and what is comfortable.

 Wednesday: Dress and Cardi from Old Navy; shoes Eastland from Zappos.
Size on dress & cardi: XXL; shoes: women's 9.5 wide

Thursday: white V-neck tee (stolen from husband), super large scarf tied into a vest (thrifted), dark jeans (Cato), brown Airwalk sandals (Payless, about 8 years old)
Size: tee, 2XLT; jeans, 20; sandals, men's 8

Today (Friday): white V-neck tee (also stolen from husband), navy tank dress w/waist tie (Old Navy), teal zip-up hoodie (Fashion Bug), brown Airwalk sandals (see above). It's chilly in my office today, so that's the reason for the hoodie.
Size: tee, 2XLT; dress, XXL; hoodie, 2XL; sandals, men's 8.

I take these photos to remind myself that I can still dress comfortable and cute and covered and not have to be all "if X skinny model can wear this belly shirt, so can I!" (I don't want to see your belly. Hell, I don't want to see MINE!).

Although, in the first picture, I do need different shoes. Found the CUTEST pair of oxfords at Torrid...I want.
It's either those or a pair of nude flats from Payless. I'd also like a pair of Keds that I can paint, so I'll get those as well. :)

My favorite outfit is today's. What's yours?

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